My Hair: The Blown-Out Braid Out

Remember that epic fail of a braid out I mentioned in earlier this week? Well many of you wanted to see more pics of it, so here it is! - I am not too fond of it because it is more bouffantish versus curly. I will experiment with it this weekend using other products and techniques. 

My hair may look a little wavier in these pics, it's just because I have been braiding it every night.

If anyone is interested in achieving this look, here is what I did:
Blow-dried hair using a Denman brush {the Denman is heaven sent for blow-drying} - I love this brush because it makes for a silkier, straighter blow-out. I also used Aveda Brilliant Damage Control as my heat protectant.

Set hair in four twists [two in the front and two in the back] using Coconut Oil 

Took down twists after about two hours

Added a bit of shine by using my CHI Silk Infusion!

Do any of you do dry braid outs? If so what products or techniques have you found the most success with?

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