Playing Around With Brass - New Pieces In The Shop

- Cairo Half Moon Earrings
I finally got around to playing with my sheet of brass, and these are the designs I came up with! These pieces are simplistic, yet have somewhat of an earthy, organic feel to them I kinda dig. Each component is hand-cut from a sheet of brass using one of my drawings as a stencil. I then sand each piece to smooth out the corners/edges and give the finished product a brushed, slightly textured, matte finish. All styles pictured are currently available in the shop {here} and more styles will be added in the coming weeks [as well as some smaller options]. 

14K, 18K, & 24K Gold available upon request [but with the price of gold as of late, I would stick to]. 

I have been experimenting with my hair lately, and did two failed braid-outs on blow-dried hair. The result was this Rudy Huxtable-esque do' [thanks Lo] you see before you. I am going to try a twist out this week using Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia, hopefully it turns out well!

- Cairo Crescent Earrings
- Cairo Pyramid Earrings 

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments on the earrings! - The earrings are extremely lightweight as I used a thinner sheet of brass so that these would actually be 

I will post some photos of my hair in this style tomorrow so that you can see the epic fail up close and personal. It isn't that I don't like the volume, it's the lack of curl pattern that I don't think I am feeling. - You all can be the judge tomorrow!  

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