Snaphots: Around The Town & In The Studio!

This weekend my mom and I went sourcing materials for her prospective home furnishings line. We checked out tribal fabrics, interesting trims and boring stuff like down pillow inserts and manufacturing company's in small, old buildings. 

 This caught my eye while my mom was off looking at leather!

There were rows upon rows of beautiful trim!

Dinosaur-size tassels! 
I wound up purchasing some butter-soft leather and suede for cuffs to put in the shop! - I also picked up some wax fabric and Ethiopian brass beads from my buddy Abede! 
Of course no trip was complete without some lunch. Instead of doing the usual Thai stop, we chose to indulge in some fried chicken, yams and greens goodness. Count me in for an extra hour [or two] of cardio this week. lol 

 Later on that day I worked on some pieces and shipped out orders. I also finally added worldwide shipping!

Here are a few pieces currently in production! Check back tomorrow for a special giveaway + new pics of pieces that will be in the shop tomorrow morning.

 A few inspiration items hanging in the studio!  

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