So We Helped A Skunk

So I'm driving home driving home from dinner last night with my wife, it's like 16 degrees out. Cold as hell. Icicles on your balls kind of cold. So anyways we're going around a slow corner and she (my wife) spots a baby skunk lying on the side of the road. Being the animal lover she is, I get yelled at to pull over and help the little guy.

"Fine, I'll stop but you gotta get out and help it." I say. So she jumps out of the car and picks up this baby skunk. Poor little guy is half frozen but still alive. She says, "What should I do?" "Bring it in the car" I tell her and we'll "warm him up".

So she gets in with the skunk and asks, "How should I keep him warm?" I tell her "Put it between your legs." She replies "What about the smell?" So I say, "Just hold his nose!"

The doctors expect I'll make a full recovery, but the skunk she used to beat me with died during the incident.

Beauty of the day

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